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Account Based Marketing is Like Dating, at Scale

Post by Thad Kahlow previously published on ClickZ.

account-basedOne of the biggest waves passing through B2B digital marketing right now is account-based marketing (ABM). At its core, ABM means building a list of specific companies based on a predetermined set of criteria – usually based on firmographic attributes such as industry, revenue, or geography – and then targeting your marketing efforts to these companies. At its best, ABM is woven into the new Company Buying Journey approach that focuses on understanding and meeting your customers’ needs in every phase of their relationship with you. Easy to say, hard to do well.

Let’s use an anology. I think ABM is like dating at scale.
There are clear links between the digital and dating world.

  1. Create Demand
  2. Know what your audience is looking for – or the precise line to break the ice
  3. Don’t ask for the first date at ‘hello’
  4. Win over the BFF
  5. All while acknowledging that commitment is risky business,

If all goes well the end result is a beautiful thing. Each of these key integral steps in successful ABM is explained through an analogy we can all relate to: the dating game. Read how these point directly relate to Account Based Marketing in the original ClickZ post.

The Company Buying Journey was developed as part of – a new educational initiative from BusinessOnline in collaboration with ClickZ and 30 leaders in digital marketing.