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What B2B Buyers Need

Post by Rich Roberts previously published on ClickZ.

blog-b2b-185x114As a B2B marketer, you already know that viewing the customer journey from the buyers’ perspective will help build stronger relationships, thus improving performance.

To understand your specific customers’ and prospects’ needs:

  • Research continually (both quantitative and qualitative)
  • Develop segments and personas.

The industry resource B2Beacon expertly breaks down the four phases when viewed from the customer perspective: Explore, Evaluate, Purchase and Experience.

In the explore phase, customers need to define their problem and requirements for solving such problem. In the evaluate phase, customers need to narrow down their options and create a shortlist of vendors to further evaluate. In the purchase phase, customers need to essentially make up their mind, and decide which solution to buy.

Finally, in the Experience phase the customers need help with set up, so that they can take full advantage of your solution. Roberts’ consistent message is  to start with your customers’ needs and use them as a foundation for your content and outreach plans.

Needs may vary by phase but as always, knowledge is power.