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B2Beacon Council Interview: Tony Uphoff

blog-b2b-thadkahlow-tonyuphoffB2Beacon has brought together two luminaries in the B2B Digital Marketing business once again. BusinessOnline CEO Thad Kahlow sat down with Tony Uphoff, the CEO of, to share insight on building customer relationships, the new marketing funnel, and why you (yes, you) are in the e-commerce business.

“Regardless of your business model, if you’re in B2B today, you’re in the e-commerce business. When we talk about the idea that ‘marketing is connected to revenue’ – that’s not just a slogan. Whatever your distribution model is, you need to market as if you’re in e-commerce, because the customer expects it.”

Uphoff touched on big challenges facing the digital-centric world such as customers having as much access as sales reps to information, backing the stat that 60% and upwards of the decision making process is done before engaging.

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