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So…You Think SEO Has Changed?

blog-greatcontent-180We’re tired of hearing the claim “SEO is dead” or that SEO has done a complete 180. “Nothing could be further from the truth,” Comstock writes in his recent Search Engine Watch blog “So…You Think SEO Has Changed?” SEO isn’t dead and in fact, SEO hasn’t gone through any drastic changes. The basic fundamentals of SEO are still important: keyword research, addressing technical issues, on page optimization of HTML pages, internal link structure alignment, ongoing performance analysis, digital marketing channel integration, and video/image optimization.

“It isn’t because SEO is new. It’s because more and more people are finally starting to understand what the implications of SEO best practices really mean to their business.” Catfish insists to ignore all the chatter, get back to SEO basics, and produce great content that is relevant to your audience featuring the keywords you’re targeting. Build links by marketing your content to the right audience, analyze your performance, and adjust accordingly.