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Enterprise SEO Solutions – Our Perspective

Search and discovery are simple concepts that drive one of the most complex online marketing channels. Distilling complexity into simple, actionable and profitable strategies and campaigns are part science and part theory. By successfully blending science and theory, Integrated SEO programs can help you acquire more customers, improve visibility and increase revenue. These factors make Organic Search one of the best long-term investments a company can make.

What Sets Us Apart

Our user-centered philosophy enables us to align your business goals with your users’ search behavior. We focus on building a sound SEO foundation, ensuring that your program is continually optimized for performance and profitability. We employ a suite of state-of-the-art SEO and analytics tools including our proprietary Search Intelligence system. Our proven SEO program addresses the ten fundamental elements of a successful campaign:

  1. Discovery: Understanding your business model, your users and ultimately your most important keywords, is the first step in creating a successful campaign.
  2. On Page Optimization: Our proprietary approach to aligning your Page Titles, Meta data and content to your most important keywords will ensure that that your site’s inherent SEO values are fully leveraged.
  3. Off Page Optimization: A successful link acquisition strategy is a critical piece of any successful SEO campaign. Our custom link building programs are completely white hat and congruent with all search engine recommended best practices. We never buy links for our clients, we earn them. Click Here for more information on our Enterprise Link Building Services.
  4. Site Wide SEO: BusinessOnline has a 90 point check list of technical issues that we evaluate based on known best practices. Whether it’s duplicate content issues, indexing problems, URL structure or any other technical problem that affects your SEO performance, we can help you solve it.
  5. Universal Search: Search opportunity extends beyond just Web pages. It includes image, PDFs, shopping feeds, local search and most importantly video. Click Here for more information about our Video Optimization Services.
  6. Analytics: BusinessOnline is a data focused organization that relies on a strong analytics foundation to drive strategy based on results. We have partnered with Adobe Insight to create one of the most advanced SEO analytics offerings in the world called Search Intelligence. Click Here for more information about our Search Intelligence offering.
  7. User Experience: BusinessOnline’s user-centered philosophy is core to who we are. User Experience best practices are integrated into our entire SEO process. Additionally we evaluate and improve important user experience metrics like site speed, bounce rate and time on site in order to drive better results through organic search.
  8. Social Media: Social media integration with SEO best practices has become increasingly important as search engines have incorporated social signals into their ranking algorithms. Our SEO engineers will ensure that your getting the most SEO value possible out of all your social media activities.
  9. Testing and Optimization: The best way to way to maximize results in any digital marketing campaign is to test a variety of hypothesis, measure the results and optimize accordingly. Our team of experts will make sure that we are constantly refining your campaign based on results.
  10. Training: It takes a company-wide effort to create a successful enterprise SEO campaign. That includes SEO Training for individuals whose job functions somehow impact SEO performance. We offer SEO training for IT teams, content writers, social media teams, SEO practitioners and executives. Click Here for information about our SEO Training Programs.

Our proven SEO solution will address all ten of these SEO elements in a program that is customized to the needs of your organization.

Our Approach

Our comprehensive approach makes our SEO strategy powerfully integrated across every channel. It is firmly grounded in a user-centered framework that focuses on developing a deep understanding of your users search behavior and needs. BusinessOnline has a two phase approach to addressing the ten elements of SEO that are described above.

In this early phase of the program we will concentrate on leveraging the inherent values of your site in order to maximize the amount of organic search traffic your site is capable of producing. This phase is marked by meticulous research into industry trends, salient keywords, and competitive analyses. Based on these findings, we optimize your entire digital presence to account for search engine algorithms that determine natural rankings. Comprehensive quality assurance ensures that we have capitalized on every opportunity to optimize your performance.

The Continuous Phase is the collection of SEO activities that are designed to grow campaign performance including but not limited to external link development, new content creation and social media marketing. These activities are designed to increase the current SEO footprint of your site and result in higher search engine rankings for targeted keywords and more organic search traffic that results in conversion.

BusinessOnline’s two phased approach to addressing all 10 elements of the SEO process has consistently been proven effective for hundreds of clients including some of the largest brands and enterprise companies in the world.

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With the help of BusinessOnline, we were able to prove marketing ROI through substantial increases in revenue, a reduction in user related service issues, and a boost in traffic for partners.
Rachelle Deal
VP Marketing, ACE Fitness