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BusinessOnline is a digital marketing agency that offers enterprise website user testing solutions and consulting services that are centered in user experience, accessibility, information architecture, web design, content and more. Our usability and accessibility experts will keep your online marketing initiatives, SEO and social media requirements in mind while recommending online solutions geared towards your users' needs. By creating a more satisfying user experience, we will improve user satisfaction as well as online conversion.

Our Perspective

Nothing is more fundamental than user experience. The best user experiences are intuitive, efficient, and above all, powerfully compelling. It influences behavior and drives the overall the success and profitability of your online marketing efforts. Exceptional user experience creates seamless and enjoyable experience at every digital touch-point. To design such experiences we turn to science, theory, experience and sophisticated strategy. User experience, after all, is customer experience. It is the first and final metric of your success.

What Sets Us Apart

Our team of UX experts is passionate about understanding the vanguards of behavioral psychology and modern technology. We use objective data to craft engaging interfaces that maximize your message. It’s a strategy that yields scientifically optimized experiences and deeper customer connections. With user experience we infuse your site with utility that compels your customers to take action.

Our Approach

To compel your customers you need to know your customers. Our user experience solutions are user-centered and rooted in the development of distinct personas for each of your user segments. Only by putting a face to your various customers are you able to address their needs. With these personas in hand, we evaluate the usability quotient of your site. By ensuring that the entire experience is specifically tailored to these personas, we’re able to measurably increase user satisfaction. A satisfied user means they have fulfilled on a desired action and that you have helped them reach their goal.

Our UX consultants will look for the greatest opportunity for improvement and we evaluate and benchmark what is currently working or what is not working on the site (for the users). We examine functionality, experience and perception so that your Web site can better satisfy your user’s needs.

We have a propriety user-centered methodology for identifying and building out your personas. We then provide functional specifications for communicating detailed usability requirements to designers and implementers and providing for an objective audit of when the implementation is completed.

Summary of findings and actionable change will be delivered and our recommendations will focus on information needed to drive business growth. Our management phase foster an atmosphere of open dialog between for both the technical and business teams involved in the decision process.

What They Say
Understanding our audience and tailoring the RailEurope website to their unique needs has proved invaluable for our business.
Lothaire Ruellan
Web Project Manager, RailEurope