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Web Development

Bridging the digital divide doesn’t have to be a white-knuckle experience.

Our Perspective

It’s hard to overstate the importance of having a strong digital presence. It is your primary bridge to a world of customers — a real-time portal for positioning, sales, marketing, communication and feedback. Modern communications form a rich ecosystem of interrelated objects that are alive and connected. This dynamic nature means that development is more powerful than ever.

What Sets Us Apart

We know that successful development is marked by optimal user experience – not just aesthetics and technology.

Our Approach

We build a framework for your communications—a platform that empowers you to better connect with users. We seek to understand your core business objectives and align your goals to the needs of users. Our efforts are grounded in deep research to ensure that all user touch-points are marked by exceptional functionality and experience.

The technology department gathers requirements; translating them into a functional requirements document (FRD) which will outline the roles of users, user accessible content types and the user-specific actions that can be carried out on the site.

After comprehensive research, we begin constructing the key elements—information architecture, apps, and tools—that will comprise your digital presence. In the build phase we put of all of these elements together to create seamless, powerful experience.

We ensure that your digital presence is continually optimized with analysis, updates, and ongoing management We also provide support services, user testing and optimization validation. Depending upon the development needs, we also provide educational workshops and training session to help your internal teams maximize the potential of your website.

What They Say
At BusinessOnline you don’t just get one or two people working on your account, you get an entire team of dedicated experts…
Jack Johnson
President, American Red Cross