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Rail Europe Inc. is the largest distributor of European rail products in North America. European train travel involves city-center to city-center connections and is often the best choice in terms of time and cost savings. Outside of Europe, this fact is relatively unknown. BusinessOnline created the Travel Comparator™ to make it easy for Rail Europe’s North American customers to quickly recognize and determine if travel-by-train is the most viable choice for connecting between two points.  The application is the first of its kind that compares travel time between different modes of transportation.


  • 41% of users found the site easier to use
  • Within months the app was used by over 7,000 travelers; referring hundreds of rail bookings to the Rail Europe website.
  • Site development improved user interaction and engagement by giving travelers the option to share travel experiences, post the information on their own Facebook wall, or join discussions on the Rail Europe Facebook page, where they can interact with other travelers and receive advice from customer service representatives.
What They Say
Understanding our audience and tailoring the RailEurope website to their unique needs has proved invaluable for our business.
Lothaire Ruellan
Web Project Manager

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